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Achievers KCSE Christian Religious Education

KSh 60 per week

The key features of this course include:
a) a simple and easy to follow approach in the presentation of content;
b) quick revision points that cover all topics from Form 1 to Form 4;
c) a comprehensive summary that covers each topic in both Paper 1 and Paper 2 from
Form 1 to Form 4;
d) questions from past KCSE examination papers on all topics in both Paper 1 and
Paper 2 from Form 1 to Form 4;
e) adequate examples and questions given for practice to sharpen the learner’s skills in
answering questions;
f) a marking scheme which gives comprehensive answers to all the model KCSE questions in the book.



Achievers KCSE Christian Religious Education is a book in the Achievers KCSE Revision Series that has been specially developed to assist the KCSE candidate prepare adequately for the national examination. The course gives both the candidate and the teacher a true picture of the actual KCSE examination. Each book in this series contains a set of ten KCSE examination model papers per subject, based on the Kenya National Examinations Council’s new format. Answers to all the questions have also been provided.

Achievers KCSE Christian Religious Education is a compilation of short notes on each topic covered in the secondary school Christian Religious Education syllabus, ten KCSE examination model papers and their answers. It is a new edition which focuses on the student. Any candidate using this book will be assured of getting very high scores in the final KCSE Christian Religious Education examination.

The author, Moses Onyancha, is a teacher with long-standing experience in the teaching of Christian Religious Education.


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