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These are Grade 4 exercises in math, comprehension, grammar and spelling.  We have designed them for children who are in grade 4 to get better at math and English.

There are several quizzes. Each quiz has 10 questions drawn from a pool of questions so that each time you take the quiz, you’ll get a different set of questions. You should re-take the quizzes multiple times.

The mental multiplication quizzes are FREE. You just need to log in.


The math exercises help you learn how to do calculations with the four basic operations. That is, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. See this post on why it is important to take mental mathematics practice.


Comprehension means understanding. So, these exercises help you practice and improve your understanding when you read passages.  They also help you learn new words and learn how to write.   For these exercises, you will read a short passage which is followed by questions which check whether you understood the passage.


Quite simply, the word vocabulary means words.  Our vocabulary exercises will help you learn new words, their meanings and how to use them in a sentence.

If you take these grade 4 exercises frequently, and get good marks in them, you should gain confidence in your school work and see an improvement in your grades in school.

This course contains Grade 4 exercises that we have called quizzes.  In the course, we have not included lessons to explain how the arithmetic is done.  For lessons, please refer to Khan academy which offers free lessons.

Course Curriculum

Mental Multiplication
Mental Multiplication 2 to 10 00:05:00
Mental Multiplication 2 to 10 – Missing Factors 00:05:00
Mental Multiplication 2 to 12 00:05:00
Mental Addition
Mental Addition – 2-digit numbers (no carrying) 00:05:00
Mental addition – 2-Digit Numbers (Sum below 100) 00:05:00
Mental addition – 2-Digit Numbers 00:05:00
Mental Addition 3 Numbers – 1 and 2 digit 00:05:00
Grade 4 Vocabulary Exercises 00:10:00
Roman Numerals
Grade 4 Roman Numeral Exercises 00:05:00
Place Value
Grade 4 Math Exercises – Place Value 00:05:00
Mental Subtraction
Grade 4 Exercises Mental Subtraction 00:10:00

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