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You can be a great Achiever! Achievers Model KCPE Examination Papers is a new series that is specially written to make you an achiever. Each book in the series is written by experienced teachers and examiners. They comprehensively test the new primary syllabus and adhere closely to the formats used in KCPE examination. To the KCPE candidate, they are the surest route to the highest achievement in KCPE. To the teacher and examiner, they are the ultimate examination manuals.

Achievers Mathematics Model KCPE Examination Papers are an outstanding revision method that:

  • has 20 KCPE model examination papers which follow the KCPE examination format and criteria of selection of questions
  • has up to date hints and tips on how to excel in KCPE Mathematics examinations
  • automatically marks your answers when you complete each model paper.
  • has a simple yet attractive design that makes it easy to use.

About this course

This is a revision course.  It contains 20 standardized model examination exams, which you take online, to help you fully revise the primary level syllabus to prepare you for the final Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) Mathematics examination. It includes all the possible questions that you may be asked in KCPE Mathematics, marks and keeps a record of each attempt so that you can see your progress.  The questions and answers are very similar to the questions that you find in the final KCPE papers. They have closely followed the style and format of questioning used in KCPE examinations. They have been compiled by experienced teachers and examiners.

How to use this course:

(a) Each question in this course is asked in such a way that it reminds you of an essential point you need to revise when preparing for your examination.

(b) Answer one question at a time.

(c) Read it carefully and then attempt to give your own answer to the question.

(d) Select the correct answer by clicking on it.  Check the correctness of your work against the answer given at the end of each quiz.

(e) Whenever you encounter difficulty:

(i) Go back to the textbooks and revise the topic

(ii) Seek help from your teachers or any other knowledgeable person.

Do this at the earliest opportunity possible.

Published by

East African Educational Publishers Ltd.
Elgeyo Marakwet Close, off Elgeyo Marakwet Road,

Kilimani, Nairobi

P.O. Box 45314, Nairobi – 00100, KENYA
Tel: +254 20 2324760

Mobile: +254 722 205661 / 722 207216 / 733 677716 / 734 652012

Email: eaep@eastafricanpublishers.com
Website: www.eastafricanpublishers.com

Achiever Mathematics Model KCPE Examination Papers are published on Somaleague.com with permission from East African Educational Publishers.

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