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Why you need this course

This course is an important aid to you during your preparation for the KCSE English examination. It offers quick revision notes and important tips which you need to perform well in this examination. In addition, this course has carefully selected past KCSE examination questions and ten model KCSE examination papers. Each of the ten model KCSE examination papers has accurate and detailed answers. The greatest highlight of this course lies in the sample examination questions answered by various learners, marked and comments given on each learner’s performance by the teacher. Careful and concerted use of this book will be very rewarding to you.

Course structure

Section A is the introduction. Section B is subdivided into three sections. The first consists of quick revision points. After this, there are selected past KCSE composition examination questions. Thereafter are worked out Paper 1, Paper 2 and Paper 3 English examinations answered by learners and marked by the teacher. Section C of the book has ten model KCSE examination papers. Each Model Examination paper has: Paper 1, Paper 2 and Paper 3. The marking scheme for each question is displayed in accordion style right after each question.  This means that you will not see the marking scheme right away.  You should attempt each question first before you look at its marking scheme then use the marking scheme to improve or correct your answer.

For example:


This is where the question content will appear.

Before attempting any question, read and understand the instructions given. You are advised to time yourself and sit each paper as tested in KCSE. Once you are done with the paper, you can correct your answers using the ones provided in this course. It is also important to engage in discussions on why certain answers are either wrong or unsatisfactory. Soma League provides powerful discussion features which you can use to discuss answers with other students taking this course. You will see small plus signs against the course content. Click on the small plus sign to add your thoughts on that section of the content. You can chose whether or not your note should be shared with other students. When you share your notes with others, they will be able to reply to them which enables you to engage in a discussion with them.

There is also no harm in consulting your teacher or books in areas where you feel you may require more information.

About the different papers

Paper 1

Paper 1 runs for 2 hours.
In this paper, you should earn a total of 60 marks.
The paper has three sections:
a) Functional writing – 20 marks
b) Cloze test – 10 marks
c) Oral skills – 30 marks

Paper 2

This paper takes 21/2 hours and has a total of 80 marks.

You are expected to answer all 4 questions in the paper.

The paper tests the following areas:
a) The comprehension or unseen passage
This will test your ability to apply your reading skills in answering questions.

b) The seen passage
• This passage is drawn from the literary texts that you have studied in class.
• The seen passage tests your literary appreciation of the literary texts you have studied.

c) Oral literature or poetry
• This tests a wide area that covers genres, functions and the socio-economic activities of specific communities.
• Your understanding of poetry is also tested in Paper 2.

d) Grammar
• This section tests your mastery of the rules of the English language grammar.
• The areas tested under this section include parts of speech and sentence construction.

Paper 3

This paper runs for 21/2 hours.

In this paper, you should earn a total of 60 marks.

The paper has three sections:

Imaginative composition – 20 marks

This requires you to choose only one question from the choices given.

Composition based on a compulsory set text – 20 marks

You will be required to write a composition based on the set text.

Composition based on optional texts – 20 marks

You will choose either a short story or drama and write on it.

a) Paper 3 tests your ability to communicate in writing.
b) It tests your linguistic competence in handling the subject.
c) You therefore need to read all the questions and careful select the ones you will answer.
d) Underline the key words on your selected texts and arrange the points logically.
e) Write the compositions and check through them for mistakes.

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