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These are the questions that were in the 2015 KCPE Past Papers. Each subject is a separate quiz. We’ll automatically check your answers.

These online quizzes are free! You just need to be logged in to take them. If you are new here, you can register for free.  If you are not logged in, click on the login button on the top right.  You will presented with a screen that allows you to either log in or to create an account.


Use this course to take the 2015 KCPE past papers as online tests. You can use these KCPE Past Papers as practice for the real exams. We have grouped the past papers by the year they were taken.  To begin, start the course then select the exams that you wish to take.  You can take them in any order your choose.  We have named each KCPE Past Paper a quiz.  Additionally, we have added a timer for each quiz to make sure that it is timed in the same way that KCPE exams are timed.  After you complete each quiz, we will automatically mark the quiz when you click on the submit quiz button. If you do not complete your quiz in the allotted time, we will mark unanswered questions as incorrect.

About KCPE

The Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examination is an examination administered by The Kenya National Examination Council to students in Class 8.  It is done once every year on October or November.  Successful completion of KCPE enables students to progress to Secondary education or training in tertiary institutions. The examination is done in three days.  A day before the exams start, students are taken through a rehearsal.

More about these KCPE Past Papers

On each question, you can select an answer then check whether the answer that you selected is correct.  Some questions have an explanation of why the correct answer is correct.  Use those explanations to gain more knowledge on the particular topic.

Taking these KCPE Past Papers is a great way to prepare for your KCPE exams.

Read this post for more information on why it is important to take KCPE past papers while preparing for the KCPE exam.

Information from Kenya National Examination Council on KNEC can be found here.

If you prepare well for your exams, you are less likely to feel nervous on the examination day. You will be more calm and confident and therefore much more likely to do well. All the best!

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