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This website is a work in progress. It is owned and being built by the mother of children who love being on the computer or their mobile devices. Since they live on those devices, I want to bring their lessons to them where they live. My vision is to create a platform where teachers can upload lesson content – in videos, animation, text, etc – and present it to their learners in a fun exciting way. Teachers who create lessons here can offer their lessons for a fee or for free.

Are you a teacher who would like to take advantage of technology to influence the next generation without being limited by physical presence?

How would you like to use your teaching skills to reach hundreds of thousands of students using this platform?

Click the button below to become an instructor.

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They are skilled and professional – providing you the guidance that you need to excel.

Do you know any teachers who could add value to this platform?  I’d love to get your recommendations.

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Janet Doe

Janet is not really one of the teachers. I am just starting out and don’t have teachers yet.  When they join, I shall add them here.



Mary Poppins

Mary is not really a teacher either.  If you know any good teachers who would like to participate is teaching over the web, do let me know.

About Soma League

Soma League is an e-learning platform designed for children from Grade 1 to High School. We have digitized books so that you don't have to purchase hard copies, we have KCSE and KCSE past papers that you can take online (no need to print them), and short exercises to enhance your math and language skills.

Schools can create their entire curriculum on Soma League to help students and parents stay on track with their learning.

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