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2015 KCPE Past Papers

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Mental Math Exercises

The most trusted tool for Online learning for kids

We are the most trusted tool for Online learning for kids.  They get to learn in a fun environment at their own pace.

You could read your textbooks... ... or take courses on your devices All Courses

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Jeremy, Age 8

The children born today are digital natives.  They have been born into a world where technology has enriched our lives so much that we can’t imagine how life was without it.

This platform allows them to learn in the space that they are accustomed to – their PCs and portable devices.  They get to learn at their own pace, in an environment that they are familiar with.

Soma league is the No. 1 e-learning portal for kids aged 6 to 18.

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Short Exercises

Short exercises organized by grade.  These exercises help children master Mathematics and English skills.

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  • Grade 5 exercises

    Grade 5 Exercises

    October 10,2019 / 0 Comments

    These are various Grade 5 exercises in math, reading comprehension, grammar and spelling to help children aged 10 – 11 years master math and English skills. The math exercises help children...

  • Grade 4 exercises

    Grade 4 Exercises

    September 26,2019 / 0 Comments

    Introduction These are Grade 4 exercises in math, comprehension, grammar and spelling.  We have designed them for children who are in grade 4 to get better at math and English. There are several...

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